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Diane Nunez

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Diane Nunez

Diane Nunez





My degreed and licensed profession of landscape architecture involves elements similar to fiber design. I consider myself a fiber artist who primarily create three-dimensional, non-traditional “quilts.” My work is very geometric and abstract utilizing my hand dyed cotton fabric and batiks. All of the work plays with the light and shadow we find around us to enhance the piece. My prize winning work has been shown nationally in galleries and museums and can be found in many private collections. My formal education includes a BLA (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture) in Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University. I am a professional artist member of Studio Art Quilt Associates.



I love bright colors and find inspiration all around me, improvisational techniques along with sketching on paper and the computer are used to create my abstract work. Much thought goes into the design and construction of each piece I design. A sewing machine is the major tool of choice I use to assemble my work. I have written articles for “Quilting Arts Magazine” and filmed for “Quilting Arts TV” along with my work appearing in other magazines and books. Quilt Surface Design Symposium (QSDS) has invited me to teach along with local quilt shops, guilds and museums.

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    Always great to see your colorful sculptural work!

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