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Dolls by Jennifer Schermerhorn

Jennifer Schermerhorn
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Jennifer Schermerhorn with one of her dolls.

Jennifer Schermerhorn with one of her dolls. Wanego, Kansas, USA









My Dolls by Jennifer Schermerhorn line are made with needle felted wool on wire armatures. Needle felting sculpts clean, carded wool with tiny, barbed needles. Each doll takes several months, and millions of needle pokes, to build a firm, yet giving sculpture. The wool creates a warm depth and texture in my dolls that could not be captured by other mediums. There is a natural translucence to this organic medium that allows a light life to shine through each dolls face.

I am inspired by the amazing variety of contours in the human face and the sculptural forms that can be created by our bodies. My dolls have been in a variety of galleries and shows in the Midwest. My “Baby Doll Lady” won Best of Show at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2014. A self taught artist, I live with my family on a small fiber farm in Kansas.


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    I am most interested in buying one of your works such as “sable,” which was featured in The Art Doll Quarterly. Can you send me descriptions of this and/ or similar works? Great imagination that is so palpable. Thankyou. Tom Deans

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