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Donna Burkholder

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Donna Burkholder

Donna Burkholder




I’m a fabric dyer and quilt designer. My mother is a very talented artist who works with watercolor and pencil crayon. I always wanted to be an artist like my mom. However, my love for fabric took me in a different direction than she. I soon realized that fabric was my “paint”. As a teen I would pore over the Keepsake Quilting catalog and covet gorgeous fabrics and quilt patterns. Imagine my thrill when years later Keepsake Quilting was selling my patterns in their catalog!:)

I get my inspiration from nature. I love nature! Wildflowers are probably my favorite with birds coming in at a close second. I live near the beach and that is my favorite place on earth. All the different moods of the ocean, the sounds, the smell… All of it, I love! I love color. Nature is bursting with color.

I dye fabric because of my love for color, and nothing makes a quilt more unique than hand dyed fabric. It’s fun to imagine were my fabric will go and what it will become but better yet is when I hear from people who have made gorgeous things with my fabric! It’s wonderful to be apart of others creativity! I design quilts to bring the things I love in nature into my home. It’s also very fulfilling to be able to have people from all over the world making and enjoying my designs.



To honor God the creator, who gave me this passion for design and to offer the highest quality of hand dyed fabrics, quilt patterns and kits.

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    Nuestras felicitaciones por tan hermosos trabajos Donna Burkholder !!!!! A mi esposa le encantan tus imagenes y colores y la prolijidad como los haces, ¿ De que Pais eres Donna ? !!!!

    Nos han parecidos muy bonitos todos tus trabajos y tu relato nos gusta mucho !!!! Nosotros somos de Argentina y te enviamos un calido abrazo Donna !!!!! Atentamente Maria Elena Tevere y Pablo Scarfone


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