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Donna Kallner Fiber Art

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Donna Kallner Fiber Artist

Donna Kallner Fiber Artist


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Hi from rural northern Wisconsin, where I use ancient techniques and materials in contemporary ways and share what I do with people around the world. When I’m not in the studio I travel to teach, teach video-based online courses, and produce e-books about New Age Looping. At home, I grow willow and gather natural dyestuffs, and am passionate about using sustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes. I create textiles that tell a story, and believe stories have the power to help connect people, start conversations and spark memories.

You can learn more about the materials and techniques I use at my web site, Donna Kallner Fiber Art: donnakallnerfiberart.com. And if you’d like to receive my email newsletter every month or so, please leave your email addy at http://eepurl.com/i35eT .



I’m inspired by ancient fiber techniques and all the ways contemporary fiber artists give old ideas a new spin. One of my passions is looping, a living legacy from the Stone Age. Older than knitting or crochet, this versatile technique has roots on six continents and continues to evolve. Nalbinding, Viking knitting, knotless netting, fishing nets — they’re all part of this large family of techniques. Intrigued? Learn more about looping on my web site.


Free Online Intro To Looping Class

This free class is a great way to sample online learning. It’s a self-paced class, so there’s no need to “show up” at a particular time and no deadline for completing the material. The class includes videos for both right-handed and left-handed stitchers, with a focus on thread control. The basic techniques covered will help you get a good start at building a solid foundation of skills for all kinds of looping variations you might want to explore next. Register for the free class here.

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