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Eileen Hoffman Wire Tapestries – Brooklyn, NY, USA



As a young girl, I was deeply engaged with knitting, embroidery, crocheting and weaving. I became connected to the tradition of textile arts and gained appreciation for the skill, vision and time that large projects require. Currently, I am creating wire tapestries and installations full of patterns and the color pink. By using non-traditional materials like chenille pipe cleaners and plastic, as opposed to standard textile materials, I am placing myself outside of traditional textile work and making the undervalued and unseen culture of women’s work visible.

I create patterns that have an emotional field, that have stories hidden inside of them. I use yarn and fabrics that I draw on, chenille pipe cleaners that I stain, and plastics that I knit and weave. I also use old diaries and draw in them so the words are unreadable, mysterious and only the emotion remains. I devised my own knotting and weaving system, allowing me to combine all of these materials to create large, intricate pieces.

I use the color pink to reflect upon what pink means to me. My room growing up was all pink—walls, furniture and fabric. I didn’t have the words then to be angry about sexism, about how a beautiful color became oppressive and limiting. I use pink now because that color is intrinsic to my art, which is so tied to the textile arts and the work of women.

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Eileen Hoffman is a sculptor and installation artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BS from Skidmore College where she graduated with honors and started creating elaborate artwork and installations. After that she received an MFA in textiles and sculpture from Indiana University. Her art has been included in numerous solo exhibitions, most recently at the Hudson Opera House in Hudson, NY and the Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ. She has also shown her work in group shows throughout the United States, most recently at the Blue Dog Gallery in Yonkers, NY, the Hullaballoo Collective at the Fountain Art Fair in New York, NY, the Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ, the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Focus Fiber Art Exhibition in Erie, PA at the Erie Art Museum.

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