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Elena Ulyanova

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Elena Ulyanova

Elena Ulyanova of Five Points Studio





I have pursued two passions throughout my life: foreign languages and the arts. I worked as a technical translator/interpreter for 11 years until I opened an art studio back in 2000. Since then, most of my time has been dedicated to running my studio, creating art, participating in national art shows, exhibiting, teaching and marketing my art.

The range of my artwork includes anything from soft sculpture miniatures to larger wall-pieces. I often work on commissions, creating one-of-a-kind pieces for interiors, both private and public.

At some point, I realized that I could actually wear a painting! From then on, textiles became my focus. Technical questions immediately followed this idea: How to paint a piece of cloth so that fabric remains soft and nice to the touch; How to make the painting of fabric washable, etc. etc…. This was a good while ago and the answers I found to those questions took shape into a separate direction in my work, creating wearable art pieces and collections.

Naturally driven by curiosity I approach the surface design with an open mind, and the ‘what if?” question is always my starting point. As the result I have developed quite a few methods and techniques of my own.

Exploring natural dyes has been the core issue on my agenda for over decade now. The newest feather in my range of design building techniques is my method of contact dyeing with plant/vegetable materials resulting in the vivid and controllable marks/prints on natural fabrics and some types of synthetic fabrics as well.

I enjoy communicating my findings and passing on inspiration. To share my ideas I keep the blog on Natural Dyeing. The practical demonstrations of my methods and techniques, a well as teaching workshops, are part of my daily program.



I am originally from Kherson, Ukraine, but moved to Poland in 2015. I create wall pieces, soft sculptures, wearable art pieces, accessories and dolls, employing versatile materials and techniques. Most of the techniques I use I have developed myself. I continuously do my research on natural dyes and document the ways that their applications can be used in my blog. I do a lot of work on commission. I currently sell my artwork out of my studio. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in commissioning work for yourself. I teach workshops and work individually with my students at the studio. I have three objectives for my work: getting more exposure, widening my clientele and increasing my teaching opportunities. The key tenet of my creative work has been exploring the philosophy of harmony and beauty and passing on inspiration and sharing findings.


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    Yo llegué al ecoprint, porque me marabilló que la naturaleza directa pudiera ofrecernos esos colores, mis trabajos anteriores son fotográficos y pictóricos, pero en la actualidad estoy totalmente inmersa en este trabajo marabilloso.

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    Muy hermoso. Transmite la búsqueda de elementos naturales con un sentido estético. Me gusta mucho tu trabajo.

    Translation: Very beautiful. You transmit the search for natural elements while keeping an aesthetic value. I like your work a lot.

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    Beautiful love the use of the leaves

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