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Mary Jose - Textile Conservation through Fabric of Life

Mary Jose – Textile Conservation through Fabric of Life




I am a textile conservator with a passion for textiles. After many years working with Museums as a conservator, I opened Fabric of Life. I can now travel the world collecting hand made textiles from the makers. I still work as a conservator and am now working at developing a range of hand made cards with our artisan partners.



A textile conservator with a passion for handmade fabrics from around the world, Mary shows her textiles through Fabric of Life, an online boutique based in North Adelaide, South Australia. From precious vintage works to contemporary wonders, each article in the Fabric of Life collection has been hand-picked by Mary herself, guaranteeing both the Fair Trade authenticity of most items and the uniqueness of the Fabric of Life range. Mary’s pieces have adorned the halls of art galleries, the walls of serious overseas collectors as well as the homes of everyday Australians. The consistent factor at every price point in the range is the passion for quality, respect for the artist and an impeccable eye for detail, setting Fabric of Life apart from its mass-importing competitors. Mary has worked as a textile conservator for over 25 years.

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    I enjoyed your collection over this page if you would like to share some collection of
    Yours and our , please send some note to me.

    Thank you.

    Yoko Miiyahara

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