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Donna Halloran as a baby, Fabricadabra

Donna Halloran as a baby, Fabricadabra






Decorative ethnic pillow covers, placemats, throws and fabric made only from natural, non-toxic fabrics. Ethnic throw pillows include ikats, suzanis, , kanthas,wax prints, organic cotton, vintage, batiks, indigo cloth and more.

The fabrics are woven only from natural, non-toxic fibers, using mostly ancient techniques and low impact dyes. A story, a person and a culture are behind every fiber. Most decorative pillow cover fabrics are woven on handlooms and the artisans are paid fair wages for their skills.

Decorative pillow inserts are made with kapok fiber filling and organic cotton shells. Kapok fiber is natural, organic, pesticide free, non-allergenic, mold and mildew resistant, lightweight, odorless, silky, sustainable, washable and non-toxic. All inserts are made in the U.S.A.



What we are offering is high quality natural and pesticide-free textile products that don’t offend one’s sense of beauty, function and compassion. Our goal is to be a proponent for all that is pure, healthy, beautiful and respectful. This is a humble attempt to share our passions and values.

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