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Valerie Ley Alter- Luzern, Switzerland

Valerie Ley Alter- Luzern, Switzerland

I was born and raised in Switzerland, where, in elementary school, I had my first sewing lessons. I did like creating things then, and as a girl, I dreamt of becoming an interior designer or something along that line.

However, life took me quite a different way – at the age of seventeen I left home to study in different parts of the world – Wales, Geneva, Jerusalem, Sydney – without much time for sewing or being creative. I learned other languages and took an interest in conflict resolution and peace studies. Yet, somewhere at the back of my mind, there always was this obsessive fascination with fabrics, their colours, their textures, their smells… especially exotic ones. After settling down in Switzerland, having three kids and not really finding myself in the professional world, I decided to give my fabric passion a chance. I took classes in pattern-making and sewing techniques and opened my etsy store, fairlyworn.

My main inspiration is the actual piece of fabric I work with. The fabric is my point of departure. I feel that I am in an “exploratory” stage of creating clothing and accessories, and that very often, the things I make are far from perfect – but I love discovering new fabrics, new techniques for creating, and every now and then getting a positive feedback from someone who actually loved something I made.

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