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Farm Genevieve

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Farm Genevieve




FARM GENEVIEVE is a small hobby farm, a tiny acreage, a “farmette” named after my grandmother. She was a very small but mighty Mexican woman with minimal education. As you can imagine, poor and uneducated meant many obstacles and difficult decisions in her life. When she passed away, I received a few of her aprons with pockets that were patched and embroidered. It touched me deeply and made me realize how textiles and fibers play a role in our lives in the most humble and simple but beautiful ways. I am honored to use her name.

FARM GENEVIEVE simply became a way to formalize a passion for fibers and way of life that my husband and I believe in. It is a full-time job in addition to a full-time job. But here you don’t punch a clock and emergencies always seem to happen on the weekends or holidays. There is no time for TV so we don’t own one. We try not to make too many mistakes and sometimes we don’t have a back-up plan. Priorities change every day.



We promote “living green” as much as possible but find it difficult to be truly 100 per cent self-sustainable and organic. Instead, we try to lessen our impact on this earth as much as possible. Some days we are better at it than others. Some days the dirty laundry pile is just as high as the chopped wood pile. But every morning when the rooster crows well BEFORE dawn, we are reminded that we are the luckiest people on the planet.


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    How can we support you by buying your yarn? What kind of sheep (very cool looking, by the way) are those in your pictures? I’m in Central California and have never seen their like.
    Many thanks,

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