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Carole Simcox of Fearless Fiberworks

Carole Simcox of Fearless Fiberworks, now called Amberdark.







I am a self taught individual in that when something intrigues me I research it thoroughly. One day I came across a particular Fiber Artist’s work of textures, colours and expressions and became very excited and I had to know more. So I taught myself how to be a Feltmaker and Fiber Artist with many different expressions of the Art. The textures are exciting, intriguing and never the same. Needle Felting, Nuno, Wet and Cobweb felting.

My other love that has lasted over the years since I was 13 is knitting. I was taught originally by my Grandmother and after more research and learning, I took a course in Fair Isle Knitting. Now I make original items fascinating items with antique patterns.

Adding my courses in Embroidery plus my Bead Embroidering (which I also taught myself) to my Felting and Knitting and I have found my place in the Fiber Arts.



I put 100% into everything I create and strive for the highest quality of beautiful and soft wearable Felt and Knitting. I am constantly experimenting with these mediums and textures to create my personal visions of Textile Fiber Art.

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