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Felted Feather – Sylvia Brestel

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Sylvia Brestel of Felted Feather, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Sylvia Brestel of Felted Feather, Louisville, Kentucky, USA





My distinctive and vibrant wearables, accessories, and wall art are hand felted and hand dyed silk and wool. As a self-directed learner, I continually experiment and seek new ways to create with silk and wool.

I strive for a natural, handmade appearance to my work while maintaining consistent high quality craftsmanship. My process often begins with creating the fabric by hand felting with various wools or nuno felting silk chiffon or silk habotai. After I have created the fabric base, I manipulate the cloth either by hand sewing, binding, and/or wrapping. I enjoy different ways of dyeing the fabric often by hand painting and immersing the cloth. I enjoy surface design and particularly like adding embellishments to my felted work by hand sewing, hand painting, beading, embroidery, and manipulating the fabric to create a textured surface.

Art and music are my life. As a child, I enjoyed creating with leftover pieces of cloth, bits of embroidery thread, or paper. I studied music in school and taught elementary music for many years. Because of music’s intangible quality and my tactile need, I have always been drawn to create work that is touchable. Throughout my life, I have taken classes and workshops in various media including drawing, sculpture, painting, and pottery and worked with many types of crafts to fulfill the need to work with my hands. At my kitchen table, I worked with clay, mosaics, and jewelry until I came across wool and started making small bowls and then scarves. I suddenly found myself in the position of early retirement and I burst onto the visual arts scene with wide open arms. I was accepted into a major art fair and began displaying my felted art work in local galleries. It is an honor to continue an ancient tradition that reflects a connection to and reverence for our earth’s treasures.

When I am not working on silk and wool projects, I enjoy spending time with family, going to the lake, hiking, and playing piano. I often get ideas when I am taking walks outside embraced by nature and all its amazing textures and colors.

My work is displayed at various art fairs, fine galleries, and exhibits. Please see my website for my current itinerary.


I invite you to browse www.feltedfeather.com to view my work.  Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

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