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Felted Pleasure

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Marina Shkolnik of Felted Pleasure


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Hi! My name is Marina Shkolnik.
I live in the capital of Russia, Moscow, with my husband and cat Tigra.

I am self-taught fiber artist, and I spend all of my time felting or thinking about new projects.
I have been a vegetarian for quite a long time, and last during two years I have tried to follow a raw foods diet 🙂

I love yoga, cats, sunrise, a sense of humour, handmade, vintage, watermelons, avocado, bok choy, turquoise color, white sand, sunbathing, snowboarding…

I don’t love cities with their regular crush and would like to move to a lonely place in mountains or forest someday… And most of all, I don’t love it when somebody copies another’s ideas without permission, and are not ashamed of selling absolutely poor-quality products…



The most attractive in felting for me is absence of any restrictions, models and standards – just follow your imagination and enjoy process! My favorite technique is nuno felting because it offers such potential in producing a variety and richness of texture.

I make all of my items with use of the best materials only, such as extra fine Australian merino wool (maximum is 18,5 mic. – a low count of micron is more suited to items worn next to the skin since it doesn’t ‘prickle’), cashmere, silk, tencel, bamboo and many-many others from all over the world.

Where do I get my inspiration? I have tried many times to answer to this question … the inspiration comes by itself, I take the wool in my hands, I touch it, breathe in its smell, look over different colors and an image of the future product appears before my eyes. My mission is to attract people’s attention to unique and beautiful handmade accessories 🙂

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    Your work is incredible…..an inspiration…..makes me want to take our shearings (icelandic wool. Ramboulet and Alpaca) and create !

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