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Fiber Art Now Magazine

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Marcia Young, Editor-in-Chief of Fiber Art Now

Marcia Young, Editor-in-Chief of Fiber Art Now






We are a quarterly print magazine, created to inspire and connect the contemporary fiber arts and textiles community. You can subscribe online or find single copies in over 300 Barnes & Noble stores and 200 Books A Million stores in the US. We’re also appearing at select Chapters stores in Canada. Each issue includes feature articles and editorial content that seeks to inspire, connect, and inform fiber artists, enthusiasts, educators, learners, arts professionals, and collectors.

We feature the most compelling work, ideas, and craftsmanship in the world of contemporary fiber arts and textiles.

Articles in our magazine:

-help readers learn (or remember) how contemporary fiber arts have developed (Our Legacy)
-share select events, such as exhibitions or conferences (Fiber Happenings)
-tell a narrative about one facet of a particular artist’s work, theory, technique or current direction (Artist Profile)
-are written by artists themselves (or in conjunction with Fiber Art Now staff) hearing about how their work has developed or the road map to their own creative process (In Their Own Words)
-share compelling books on fiber, design or craft, regardless of publication date (On the Bookshelf)
-explain a unique material that may give inspiration across the media (The Medium Matters)
-give reviews of an online resource related to fiber arts and textiles (Fibers Online)
-share a recent acquisition (Recent Acquisitions)
-share announcements about professionals in the world of fiber arts, particular news about an organization (such as purchasing a collection or a large-scale remodel), or an ‘in memoriam’ piece about an artist, collector or educator who has passed

Each issue includes three or four feature articles that may explore one artist’s work, talk about fiber arts from the perspective of curators, galleries or museums, or explore a unique idea (here are some that we have run: collaboration outside of your own media, highlighting the work of someone who is producing new ideas in their work, a studio back story of a well-known artist, but showing readers something they haven’t seen before or another perspective on the artist that has not been considered before.

Most of all, every story in Fiber Art Now includes compelling images.

Fiber Art Now is a vibrant and growing community. We invite you to join us!



At Fiber Art Now, our mission is to connect and inspire the fiber arts & textiles community with the most compelling work, ideas, and craftsmanship. Fiber Art Now serves artists, art professionals, learners, educators, and collectors. We are a worldwide community in support of what we love.


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  1. Louise Wakem

    The Heard Museum Library is interested in purchasing back issues of Fiber Art Now. What do you have available an how is the best method of ordering print copies?

    Louise Wakem, Library Volunteer

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    Where do I sign up?

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