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Helga Schulte-Schroeer

Helga Schulte-Schroeer of FIBREARTISTRY



I grew up on a bio-dynamic farm in Germany. It was a time when all necessities were produced right on the farm, using the materials at hand. My grandmother was an avid knitter, felter, spinner, crocheter and gardener and I was an ardent admirer/student of her skills.

As LIFE took its twists and turns, I kept devoted to and practised in all things fibre art. Finally, in 2006, fibre art became my sole focus and FIBREARTISTRY was born. Kudos to a wise and patient grandmother! I owe it all to her.



I chose felt as main medium for the inherent beauty and versatility of wool and silk. Nuno felt in particular fascinates me. I am inspired to explore the limits of the material (i.e. how thin can I work, what effects are possible/ how can I integrate elements of light into an inherently dense fabric?). Most of my work is in natural colors. I want to highlight how Nature shines in amazingly diverse shades. Rather than adding, I like to enhance what’s already there. I paint with fibres.

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