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I am a mom of two beautiful children and wife to a wonderful husband.

I had always worked outside my home. But that ended in July 2007, when my youngest was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder/ADHD. We were lucky in that she was still functional, but she still needed help, so it was decided that I would have to be home full time. This can be costly these days, living off of one income, so I took to the internet..
I had always been crafty, as my sister would say, but I had never sold anything before. I just didn’t have the items or the know how to do it. Then I discovered Needle Felting. This was an artform that I could do. So 3 yrs ago I bought a kit. I made that kit. Then I put it aside and didn’t look at again for 2 yrs 🙂

I discovered it again! See the problem was, where I live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, there are no needle felting suppliers, so I couldn’t get any supplies until I found a wonderful group of suppliers on the internet. Once I was stocked up and ready to go I made some things and they sold!!

Well, 1yr 6 mths, and 700 sculptures later, FibreHeart was born. Why Fibreheart? Well, it’s simple. All things Fibre, made from the Heart. That’s how I feel whenever I make a sculpture and that’s how my clients should feel when they receive it.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you can enjoy Fibreheart as much as I do.

Fibreheart Artist
Mandy Fairbairn



One of the greatest fulfillments is creating a sculpture that will memorialize a loving fur baby for years. I try very hard to capture the personality of each sculpture. Over the years, I have made almost 750 sculptures and each one is not only handmade, but truly one of a kind. Just like your pet. It is my pleasure, and my mission, to make sure that your sculpture is as unique and special as your treasured family member.

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