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Fiona Legg Artist

Fiona Legg Artist
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Fiona Legg - Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Fiona Legg – Barrie, Ontario, Canada





On December 31, 2016 I quit my 25 year career as an occupational therapist to become a full time mixed media sculptor – it’s the best decision I have ever made!!

I am based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and am rapidly running out of room to store my sculptures in my home – so I now work out of a rented studio (which is also full) and a rented barn (to build installations).

I primarily make objects, of all sizes, and with a wide variety of media – for both indoor and outdoor display. I also fabricate installations. My lifelong interest in sewing has taken me to discovering fibre art, and I am enjoying exploring different fibre media and different techniques, which I mix with other media.

I have been very fortunate to have had some early successes, despite being an emerging artist, and have been a finalist in the Canadian Sculpture Competition and also have a piece in the permanent collection of the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa.

My work generally has a political theme, or some form of message. I like to ‘shine a light in dark corners’ to explore what is there, regardless of how abject or unpleasant the subject matter. I believe that it is important to face our issues, not hide from them.

I do accept commissions, and have already had two commissioned installations (one completed, and one will be ready in March, 2018). My future goals are to continue to exhibit, with more solo exhibitions, and to continue to create bodies of work that hopefully are of interest to my viewers.

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  1. Kristine KING

    I saw your work at City Hall today. Marvellous, would iike to see more.

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