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Frances Ergen Designs

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Frances Ergen

Frances Ergen of Frances Ergen Designs



From the moment my mother taught me to use a hand operated sewing machine, I have been creating pieces from fabric or fibres. I was fortunate to complete a Fashion/Textiles course at Hornsey College of Art, London before earning industrial skills by working in the world of commercial textiles. My passion has always been with the handmade so I was thrilled to be able to study traditional textile techniques at Kananzawa University of Fine Arts at postgraduate level.

By chance, my textile path brought me to Turkey, after working as a lecturer & consultant in Sydney Australia. I have been here most of the time for the last few years working with the local ladies & writing about artisans who still endeavour to pursue their own personal creative paths. I am inspired by their dedication to produce pieces influenced by their techniques and like supporting them through Frances Ergen Designs.



To promote and interpret Turkish techniques in a new way and to produce original and unique textiles relevant to contemporary aesthetics.

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    I love the colours and design of the cushion. and the picture of the woman weaving. all the work is lovely. thank you

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