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Lisa Cottone of Franjuli Jewelry





I am a scientist and an artist. Though these two professions may seem disparate, I’ve created a harmony between them through the medium of silver crochet, which helped me to find my niche as a scientific artist.

By crocheting fine silver wire into wearable structures that mimic patterns seen in nature, I am able to transform my observations of the natural world into concrete form. Using a minute stainless steel crochet hook, I bend, pull, and twist the wire through a series of stitches that have been adapted for work with metal.

Metal wire behaves differently than yarn; it is less flexible and unforgiving. In contrast to the fast rhythm with which I crochet yarn, I adopt a significantly slower pace with metal, concentrating on each stitch to ensure its perfection before starting the next stitch. Crocheting in this manner allows me to be mentally present with the piece I am working on, as opposed to having my attention drift while my hands assume automatic pilot. As such, crocheting with wire is a mindful and meditative process, keeping me in the moment.

Through TAFA, I look forward to connecting with retailers, customers and fellow artists who share a common interest in the art of weaving and its possibilities.



Lisa Cottone, founding artist of Franjuli, is inspired by her personal and professional journey through the natural, scientific, and creative realms. As a scientist, Dr. Cottone studied the human brain, but ultimately found her calling as an artist, translating her scientific observations into art. Using silver wire, painstakingly crocheted and adorned with gems, she stylishly transforms the beauty and ingenuity of nature’s patterns into wearable form. Lisa Cottone lives and works in Huntington, NY and has made it a priority to incorporate sustainable materials and practices into her work.

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