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Stephanie Hannon of FurugiStar in Kimono

Stephanie Hannon of FurugiStar in Kimono






I am here to share my love of Japanese antique mingei textiles, especially boro. I collect and sell indigo cottons with a particular interest in katazome, tsutsugaki and kasuri. My shop does have a wider range of items including clothing and gifts. All are vintage or antique.

I identify with the Japanese mingei movement, the concept of ‘yu yo no bi’ – beauty in practicality, and ‘mottainai’ – no waste. These concepts have great relevance to the sustainable fashion movement to which I hope my shop contributes, at least in a small way.



FurugiStar was born of a fascination with the thoughts and feelings evoked by handmade antique fabrics. Textiles with a connection to the artisans and former owners hold a richness that new fabrics just don’t possess. Together with antiques and vintage items found in and around Tokyo, Furugistar specializes in Japanese folk textiles of history and substance.

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    love Japanese textiles, espically indigo cotton, hope to be growing my own indigo soon. I have a nice collection of fabric from Japan, nice to have found you.

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