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Ginger Blossom

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Ginger Blossom

Ginger Blossom – Richmond, Illinois, USA


Ginger Blossom was, in the words of her maternal grandmother, “born with itchy feet.” “Even at a very young age, I was sure that I’d see the world when I grew up,” Blossom said.

The route, however, was a rather circuitous one including college in four states, a job as a tour guide, and working as a ski instructor on three continents.

It was while working in Argentina that the road took a sharp curve that would lead her into a business involving world travel, while providing others with the possibility of making a living from their art work and handicrafts.

The economy in Argentina that fateful ski season had taken a sharp dive to the south. The local currency was, for all practical purposes, worthless outside of Argentina, and “as we couldn’t buy dollars, we bought sheepskin bedcovers,” Blossom said.

These sold so well upon return to the States, that the next year it was her intent to bring back more. Realizing the potential of selling ethnic crafts in the United States, Blossom began pursuing this more seriously. Since she’d made contacts around the world as a ski instructor, it was fairly easy to focus the search and find the various producer groups necessary for source acquisition.

Now, when Ginger Blossom is not out traveling the world in search of wonderful and unusual things for her business, she is minding the store in Richmond, IL. on the farm where she grew up, accompanied by her various four-legged family members.

 The barn has been converted into two major show rooms, one for furniture and the other for textiles and rugs. The bottom floor of the traditional farm house also houses loads of gift items, ethnic clothing, pillow covers and other home decor accessories.
We are Open Daily from 10am to 5pm.

Ginger Blossom is located at
3016 Route 173, Richmond, IL 60071

Phone: 815-678-4015
Toll free 888-678-1667

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