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Giuse Maggi

Giuse Maggi
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Giuse Maggi- Manama, Bahrain

Giuse Maggi- Manama, Bahrain






I am an artist who loves to explore materials and their potentiality with antique and new techniques.

I have been working with glass for two decades until a few years ago I discovered the world of recycling and sustainable art. Since then I have been combining plastic, metals and fibers with my beloved glass, experimenting with weaving and basketry techniques.

I am originally from Milan, Italy, but have lived in many countries in the Middle East which has led me to develop styles and colours of the Arab tradition in my own way. My rugs, baskets and sculptures are a challenge and represent an intimate desire for beauty in everything is discarded and neglected by humanity.

“Making” becomes a spiritual process, a ritual that links my soul to objects.

Giuse Maggi currently lives in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she runs an art studio. She is available to exhibit her works and to run workshops on sustainable art.

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