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Keith Recker, Founder and Editor of  HAND/EYE Magazine

Keith Recker, Founder and Editor of HAND/EYE Magazine


HAND/EYE is an independent, international publication that explores the nexus between design and development, culture and commerce, art and craft, and environment and ethics. HAND/EYE Magazine is sold at numerous stores in the US, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.

These include:

Tail of the Yak, Maiwa (Canada), Casa, Museum Reitberg (Switzerland), NZ Quilter/Minerva (New Zealand), Museum of Craft and Folk Art, The Field Museum of Natural History, Porter Studios and Fine Arts Gallery, ABC Carpet and Home, Purl, Original Woman, Tesoros Trading Company, Pachamama, California Pacific Designs, Pierre LaFond Upstairs,Santa Fe Museum of Folk Art, CAFM.



HAND/EYE’s goal is to engender intelligent debate among artisans, exporters, designers, artists, wholesalers and importers, retailers, and consumers so that all may make smart, ethical, and inspired decisions about their activities. HAND/EYE articles will discuss design as a tool for development and income generation, as well as for environmental and social progress.

The magazine will also discuss innovative and ethical retail practices as a force for more enlightened and informative consumerism, and will look at NGO programs addressing artisan income generation and community well being. We will showcase relevant new product for the consideration of retailers and consumers.

Through the work of accomplished photographers, we will also look at artisan life in a visual context. In interviews with inspiring creators and do-ers of all kinds, HAND/EYE will offer nourishing food for thought to all readers. Proceeds from sales of HAND/EYE will be divided among several non-profit agencies working to address artisan issues.

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