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Harmony with Green Bag Lady bags in the redwood forest of Gualala.

Harmony with Green Bag Lady bags in the redwood forest of Gualala.




Harmony Susalla holds a degree in Human Services from the University of Oregon. Shortly after college, she unexpectedly found herself as the personal assistant to an independent financial planner. Four years and several promotions later, she was directing the administration, technology, and compliance departments of the home office of Protected Investors of America, in San Francisco. Her nights and weekends were spent attending the California School of Professional Fabric Design from which she graduated in record time while continuing to maintain her full- time day job.

Since transitioning to her career in textile design, her innovative prints have been worn by many people, including celebrities and politicians, and sold at every retail level (from Walmart and Target to Williams-Sonoma and Nordstoms, and many points in between).

At the end of 2004, Harmony walked away from a successful career in designing textiles for mass markets to create her own line of printed organic fabrics. The formation of Harmony Art Organic Design created a perfect balance between her skill-set and her environmental and social ethics. You can see her organic cotton line at www.harmonyart.com.

There are more than 200 companies currently using Harmony Art Organic Design fabrics in their product lines. Harmony has been invited to speak to at many venues, including FIT, SDA, Yale and the de Young Museum. She lives with her husband in Gualala, CA, in a home they call their tree fort, as it is completely surrounded by redwood trees.



To inspire environmental and social change through creative and sustainable product lines.

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