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HeART of Healing Gallery

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Christi Bonds-Garrett of HeART of Healing Gallery

Christi Bonds-Garrett of HeART of Healing Gallery

HeART of Healing Gallery is the art component of the Integrative Medicine of Kentucky, owned by fiber artist and healer, Dr. Christi Bonds Garrett. Christi has a special interest in (and huge collection!) of Kuna molas and vintage kimono. She is especially drawn to fiber art and textiles that make reference to the healing arts, thus many of her molas depict images of curative plants, medicine men and women, and scenes where patients are being healed. She also carries Hmong patches, Chinese paintings, and other crafts. She has worked on several series of her own art quilts, such as the one in the photo above.

Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett, M.A., M.D., has been offering Integrative Medical care since 1995, and has treated thousands of patients from this perspective. She received both her Master’s Degree and Medical Degree from the University of Nevada, and completed an Internship in Psychiatry and a Residency Program in Family Practice in 1992, as well. While working as Medical Director for three Native American Clinics near Yosemite, California, she pursued advanced studies in Medical Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Nutrition and Homeopathy. More recently, she completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona with Dr. Andrew Weil.

Dr. Bonds-Garrett moved to Paducah, Kentucky from Nevada as part of Paducah’s Artist Relocation Program. The clinic and gallery sit in the middle of this revitalized neighborhood, surrounded by other fine galleries and good neighbors. If you visit Paducah, please stop by!



To incorporate the arts into the healing process.

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