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Helen Cowans Arts

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Helen Cowans Textile Artist - Wooler, England, United Kingdom

Helen Cowans – Wooler, England, United Kingdom



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I have a passion and love of both textiles and Northumberland. I’ve lived in the area for 20 years and have worked with textiles for 14 years. I’ve taught City & Guilds Embroidery courses for Northumberland College and I now work freelance exhibiting, teaching and lecturing.

I’ve just started to create and sample some new ideas based on the natural landscape and history of northern Northumberland. A land of battles, castles and hidden rock art. The “Land of the Far Horizons” where vistas are simply stunning.

I’m in the process of exploring natural dyeing and weathering methods to mark the cloth, so the fabric itself is “of the land”. I’m looking at the animal and plants that live here, especially the wild flowers and the hares and curlews (the symbol of the National Park).

I’m researching local, archaeological and historical knowledge to discover more prehistorical rock art and simply more archaeology and more history. Especially old abandoned homesteads. I’ve been thinking about the women who lived in the hills, who lived through the battles, the raids from Scotland and the long hard winters.

I do though, also have a passion for Eastern patterns, colour and beading. I indulge this passion in bright colourful work, usually heavily stitched and beaded.

So I’m quite a contrast. I’ve learnt not to fight it, but to go with it and enjoy it all.

I have organised several solo and group exhibitions; love blogging, use Twitter and Facebook and developing and maintain my own websites.

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