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Helga Hohn-Heiberg

Helga Hohn-Heiberg
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Helga Hohn-Heiberg - Front Royal, Virginia, USA

Helga Hohn-Heiberg – Front Royal, Virginia, USA






I studied theoretical and applied painting and graphics, glass art, sculpture, textile, in Germany as well as philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, art science and art history.  I have had over 80 solo shows, many group shows and received numerous awards throughout my life. You can find my work in many private collection throughout the world. I have done book illustrations and since 1969 have been in newspapers, art journals and other publications.

Growing up in a very professional artistic family, my parents made sure that I am able to express my thoughts in any way and technique I think appropriate to it. Playing the clarinet , flute, a little piano and guitar besides being a competition swimmer for over 15 years have been my passions beside the art. Speaking four languages also allowed me to enjoy living in different countries.

My work explores my inner dialog and the intensity of thoughts involving natural forces and processes which rise out of the deep as ever mounting movement and give the external impression of a dream. A mystical world which possesses a symbolic character from the graphics to its dissolution.

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