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Her Majesty Margo

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Her Majesty Margo is Margo Duke

Her Majesty Margo is Margo Duke



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I’ve studied and developed skill in many areas of needlework. I’ve designed projects as well as kits for use by others as teaching tools and enjoy providing inspiration.

I tend to be obsessive with my passions and machine-needle/wet felting has taken the top spot over all of my long list of other interests (except for spending time with my wonderful husband and family). Those who know me, such as my best friend I met when I was two years old growing up in Scotland, remembers me playing with colorful ribbon (there wasn’t a lot of textile color just after the war in Scotland so evidently I had to have my fix even then).

My best work is done while I’m alone listening to music (classical, celtic or jazz depending on the mood) in my studio, surrounded by the contrasting textures of colorful wool and silk fabrics. The techniques I’ve learned from my experimentation and the inspiration garnered through the years from a variety of sources is what keeps my mind full of new ideas and provides me with the passion to share my discoveries with others.

I have published two books on needle felting. See them on Amazon.


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    Beautiful. I love your work

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    Lovely work! A great way to start the week!

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