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HG handmade

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Heike Gerbig of HG handmade

Heike Gerbig of HG handmade


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Before I discovered that I´m addicted to working thread through fabric and paper, I had been a writer and a journalist – which seems the perfect preparation for creating textile and mixed media art. Being used to weaving words and to embroider them over and over, the step from one medium into the other came quite naturally…



I … use mainly cotton and linen fabrics, naturally hand dyed by me and/or re-purposed fabrics/materials which had a life of their own before they become part of my pieces … am telling stories – or give hints that there is a story to be found somewhere … would like the onlooker to feel encouraged to slow down, breathe, grab hold of own, perhaps only half remembered story threads …

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    Hi Heike! I am in the South of Germany and looking for other textile artists to meet and be inspired by. I specialize in embroidery and my profile should be up here in the near future (Rachel is moving house :)). Would love to hear from you! Jessica Grimm

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