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Huger Memories

Huger Memories
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Sarah Wiley of Huger Memories - Richmond, Virginia, USA

Sarah Wiley of Huger Memories – Richmond, Virginia, USA



Huger Memories was created while I was learning the skill of digitizing (converting pictures to files that can be processed on an embroidery machine).  My first pieces were of children’s drawings that cold be reproduced onto the child’s own pinafore or overall apron.  I quickly learned that houses, pets, special memories and stories all converted well into family treasures and conversation pieces that can be passed down as a family heirloom.  Pillows and framed art are popular now.


As an artist, I work with my clients to learn the story behind the pictures they provide me.  I interpret these memories and bring them to life through fabric, color and texture.  Some clients send me pieces of fabric that have a significant memory for them.  Most give me creative license to create the piece on their behalf.  I send a mock up before I actually stitch so that they have a general idea of the look I am going for.  Any edits are easy to make at that point.  The process can be as short as two weeks; and up to 8 weeks depending on the size and number of projects I am working on at the time.


I have been in the interior design world and an interior designer for 30+ years.  Moving into this art form has been a natural for me.  I look at each piece as a room in miniature form.  I mainly use designer fabrics used in homes.  Many of my pieces include very hi end wovens, velvets and prints.  Spot cleaning is recommended because some of the fabrics are quite delicate.


In addition to my custom pieces, I have begun creating different themed pillows that have a special meaning to me.  I am sharing them with others who it turns out have similar memories.


Huger Memories was named for my daughter and myself.  We both share a family name as our middle name. Pronounced “you-gee”, we both have had to explain the family pronunciation to all!!  However, if you were from Charleston, SC or New Orleans, LA you would know exactly how to pronounce it!

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