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Lucyna Opala of Igora Design - Adelaide, Australia

Lucyna Opala of Igora Design – Adelaide, Australia





Igora Design is the creatively inspired front of Adelaide based felt artist and wool author Lucyna Opala. Of Polish heritage and having arrived in Australia 23 years ago, Lucyna is equally proud of her cultural roots as she is of being an Australian citizen. Although academically trained as a Botanist and Agricultural scientist and having worked as a medical scientist since arriving in Australia, Lucyna’s passion has always been vested in the Arts.

Lucyna’s early artistic interests were based in knitting, embroidery and installation art, particularly involving items from nature and flora. Her designs were unique; created instinctively and always admired and praised. For Lucyna, artistic expression is synonymous with her nature; her connectedness with the world mean that ordinary activities like gardening, cooking or dancing are always executed with artistic fervor and flair.

Lucyna believes that her relationship with nature is the foundation of her creativity and inspiration, a holistic view that what comes from the earth already embodies its own stories about the world. The subject of this exhibition, felting, involves working with wool and silk, a primal material handmade by nature. Lucyna’s talents lies in her ability to perceive and transform the wool’s own story and interpret it as a tangible artwork. As such, Lucyna is an author of the wool, her handwork transforming the dream like quality of the fluffy wool into tactile expressions of her own thoughts and stories.

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