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Founded in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) and with established roots in Huntsville, Alabama and Topeka, Kansas, the International Fiber Collective develops community programs that create collaborative opportunities in art and civic engagement. IFC promotes programs that link learning and creativity in the arts to science, math, engineering, and the humanities. Public programming has been a catalyst for creativity in health care facilities, libraries, schools, museums, and other locations.

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2008 Gas Station Wrap 

Syracuse, New York

Individuals from 17 countries and more than 2,500 grade school students in 29 states worked together to cover a Citgo station. Our goal is to engage the public; we support innovative projects that bring individuals together in efforts that strengthen everyone’s sense of community.

Projects that allow for active involvement from its community encourages individuals to become invested in the project as a whole when they see how their own contributions can make a difference. We develop projects that create collaborative opportunities for schools, groups and individuals.

2009 Tree Project

Huntsville, Alabama

The Tree Project engaged more than 8,000 students, 62 schools, and quilters from 23 countries and 39 states. Participants submitted over 14,000 handmade leaves for the canopy, mimicking the shape of a live oak. All leaves were photographed and posted online for the public to enjoy.

Image of the Tree Project being installed in its permanent home, the rotunda of the Earlyworks Children’s Museum in Huntsville, Alabama. About one in four participants submitted photographs for inclusion in our online platforms such as our website, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.


2009 – Current , The Dream Rocket Project

The Dream Rocket Project (DRP) launched in 2009, is collecting thousands (8,000) of artworks from various regions of the world. Eventually, all submissions will be connected side by side to wrap the skeleton of a 385′ Space Launch System (SLS) rocket replica. This wrapped SLS will be placed on temporary exhibit at locations around the United States. The SLS is NASA’s dream rocket, representing their dream of going to Mars and beyond.

→Originally, DRP’s intent was to wrap the 365′ Saturn V Moon rocket replica at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL from May-June 2015, however in October 2014 participants voted to pivot the project to reflect NASA’s current dream rocket, the SLS.

New exhibit locations and dates will be announced asap. We are in the process of locating venue hosts and exploring ways the SLS framework might be constructed. So far, we have received submissions from individuals residing in 19 countries, 48 states and 377 communities.

Submissions are in the form of textile art accompanied by essays, progress images, reports and examples of innovative approaches inside classrooms across our nation. Topics range from science, space, technology, conservation, education, freedom and equality.

Prior to the final installation, submissions have been exhibited in libraries, schools, museums and community centers. Artworks have been displayed at 153 venues.

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The International Fiber Collaborative (IFC) was founded in 2007 by artist Jennifer Marsh. It is a non-profit organization that promotes global collaborative public art initiatives, a marriage of art & education. The IFC prides itself in being a grassroots organization, reaching out to students, individuals, groups and organizations all over the world.

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