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Barbetta Lockart of ITSA Studio

Barbetta Lockart of ITSA Studio

ITSA Studio is not only my working studio, (Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art), but it also houses all the wonderful treasures found on my itsastudio.com site as well as countless items not found on the site.

I carry surface design supplies, jewelry supplies, hundreds of beads, and wonderful items from a variety of cultures and countries. Although ITSA Studio is online, it is also a brick and mortar space, so I welcome visitors to the studio (by appointment, please) where they can browse through all the treasures and be dazzled, and possibly take home a new treasure.



As artists we all need wonderful items for inspiration, great supplies to work with, and interesting ‘stuff’, as well as the occasional treat for ourselves. We also sometimes need information from someone familiar with the products/items/techniques. ITSA Studio offers all that and more, including cups of tea, good music…and classes.

We love hearing from our community!

Feel free to comment! Also, we merged two sites into one. Please report any broken links you find on this page here so that we can fix them.

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