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Jacque Davis Textile Arts - Freeburg, Illinois, USA

Jacque Davis Textile Arts – Freeburg, Illinois, USA



Jacque Davis has a long history in the textile arts beginning in the late 80’s when she learned traditional quilting, followed by many years weaving fine laces. Her work has traveled to many juried exhibits, won numerous awards, and has been purchased for private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Her longtime love of color, texture and stitch is evident in her richly colored and densely stitched art. She teaches many of her techniques to students in her home studio. She has studied discharge dyeing with Bob Adams and completed a two and a half year Art Cloth Mastery Program in San Antonio, TX.


Artist Statement

Every person’s mind builds images while asleep or day
dreaming. This language helps us to process and 
communicate our thoughts and feelings. Even as our
 dreams are uniquely ours, they have a thread of the 
everyday world in them. It is this thread that allows 
us to recognize the common language spoken in dreams. 

Cloth, paint, and thread provide the perfect tools to
 capture the evocative nature of the dream world. Cloth, 
soft and familiar to us all, provides the foundation. Thread connects the layers and lies visible on the surface, and paint can highlight or shadow an image adding another layer of interest. 
My art work through Jacque Davis Textile Arts is a celebration of our connection to one another.

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