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Jan R Carson

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Jan R. Carson - Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Jan R Carson – Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Moon Lily Silk Mobiles on Etsy

My textile art focuses on pattern and field of view. I’ve always been mystified by how nature is organized, and am especially interested in how patterns can appear to be simultaneously random yet ordered, degraded yet in focus, or in motion yet static.

I’ve been making mobiles and large-scale aerial sculpture from steel and silk for over fifteen years as the artist-owner of Moon Lily Silk Mobiles. You can find my art mobiles in boutiques, craft galleries, and museum stores throughout the United States. Since 2005, I’ve designed commissioned, site-specific, suspended works for hospitals and other public spaces. There are several examples of my work installed on my Jan R Carson site.

I earned my M.F.A. in Fibers at Colorado State University (1998). My artwork when I arrived there was a mix of soft sculpture, textile painting, and quilting—all self-taught. My undergraduate work was in printmaking and painting at Oklahoma State University (BA in Art 1991). OSU had no program in fibers, so in grad school I joined in with the freshman at CSU to learn weaving, dyeing, tapestry, and felting.

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