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Jane Schonian

Jane Schonian
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Jane Schonian - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Jane Schonian – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA



Nature has always been my muse. My endless fascination with Her colors, textures, rhythms and shapes combined with my yearning to recreate how these natural phenomena make me feel.

I love painting and manipulating clay, but there is little time for that since Rachel Green introduced me to fibers which I credit taking my art to a new level. There is a definite intention with my choice of media. Silk has the female characteristics of being strong, mysterious, luxurious, resilient, and the product of a fascinating cycle. These are recurring themes in my art.

As an ex-art teacher, I can attest to the fact that anyone can be creative making paper. I choose mulberry bark paper or “Kozo”, because it is the choice of silk worms and it is the original fiber that was used when the Chinese first discovered the process in circa 2000 BCE. I make my own paper so that I can control the textures to best mimic my subjects from nature.

As my brush, loaded with color, touches the surface, the fibers come alive with another layer of meaning. After that, I tear it up and sew it back together. I love the juxtaposition of paper on silk. They complement each other much the way species in nature rely on each other to thrive.

The Activist in me uses the layering of gorgeous materials with impeccable craftsmanship and gorgeous narratives, to weave in the scientific, conceptual wisdoms. The Art is good. I’ve found my voice and I know what I want to say. I need my fans to help me complete the cycle of the true aesthetic, which is dependent on the trifecta: the art, the artist and the viewer.  Please comment and share.




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