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Janet Brandt

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Janet Carija Brandt - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Janet Carija Brandt – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA






Janet Brandt is a master story teller through needle and thread. Creating characters and scenes in the European folk art tradition, she expands the possibilities by bringing in her own unique twists and colors. Her embroidery uses stumpwork in an extremely textured and layered manner, showing an immense breadth of techniques that go beyond the “normal” range seen in our textile world. Janet’s Casket Chronicles feature a Princely Dragon, maidens and other characters that show up in different works as an ongoing story. Her dolls celebrate with parties and feasts in highly adorned rooms, houses and palaces, all heavily embroidered and embellished. She experiments with dimensions, tunnels, drawers, folds, and all kinds of inventions to make the work interactive and tactile.

Janet has written three books on her embroidery and contributed to numerous magazines. Her blog documents closely her technique and is a joy to follow. Connect with her and enter a delightful world of fantasy, needles and thread.


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    It was fun to see you at the FAS’s “Hats Off” affair. Your head piece was a hit!
    I would like to see your studio and perhaps you would like to see my lab.

    Cheers, Harold

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