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Bob and Helene Davis in Paducah

Bob and Helene Davis in Paducah



Hand-Dyed Fabric | Original Beads | Art Quilts

Helene hand dyes fabric for her art quilts. Her beautiful creations are ideal for use in today’s modern, art and traditional pattern quilts. Select from Helene’s extensive selection of Hand-Dyed Yards or​ assemble a palette of Fat Eights from her Wall of Color.

Bob makes original porcelain beads using a mixed colored clay technique inspired by 1500 year old Japanese pottery styles known as Nerikomi and Neriage. Perfect for quilt embellishment, jewelry and other crafts.



Helene and Bob Davis sell art quilts, hand-dyed fabric, and ceramic beads through their gallery at Jefferson Street Studios by appointment year round and during scheduled hours during the annual AQS Quilt Show in late April. They also are one of the exclusive vendors at the annual Quilt Surface Design Symposium held in Columbus, Ohio in early June. Helene has been an exhibitor in many national quilt shows including Quilt National and Visions.

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    Bob and Helene are a sweet couple. Love their work, Studio and garden.

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