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Jennifer Day – Thread Stories

Main Site: 
Jennifer Day - Thread Stories - New Mexico artist

Jennifer Day – Thread Stories – Santa Fe, New Mexico


QNNTV Thread Painting Demonstration




I have been an artist all of my life. I am an ASID interior designer, photographer, goldsmith and art quilter. I enjoy merging my interests in photography and quilting.  My technique – Thread Stories – is a process based on printing my photographs on fabric and creating a realistic representation of the subject in thread.  I am a street photographer.  My travels to remote villages in third world countries, gathering images of individuals involved in the routine of their daily lives, and documenting people on the streets of a busy cosmopolitan city have allowed me to create a fabulous collection of images that is the basis of my fiber art. As people view my art, there is an emotional response that validates the stories that are being told.

I enjoy teaching my Thread Stories technique to all levels of quilt artists. Many of my students have never thread painted before and leave class with a firm understanding in the process. It is rewarding to be able to teach my students how to transform their photographs of family, pets and special moments in their lives to art based on thread. I teach in my Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico as well as in other venues internationally. My art also travels the world in juried shows. I invite you to visit my website to learn more about my fascinating technique Thread Stories.

Book: Jennifer Day, Thread Stories 


on Jennifer Day – Thread Stories.
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      I am a swedish fiberartist. I also work with machineembroidery. I don’t print anything in the bottom of the fabric. I build up the motiv on handdied fabric with thread and japanese chiffons
      I have over 30 years developed my own technique

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    From the video we can see that your work is quite substantial in size. Do you have a special printer that you use or do you have to send your photos in somewhere to get them printed? I suppose one could also just have an image printed on several standard size sheets and fuse them, right?

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      You could fuse the images using a smaller printer, but I order my fabric from Jacquard inkjet fabrics and take the roll of fabric to a professional print shop. This is a print shop that makes banners, posters, and corporate printing. They will be able to print your photo on the paper backed fabric!

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