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Jenni’s Rag Rugs

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Jenni Stuart-Anderson

Jenni Stuart-Anderson, The Birches Middleton-on-the-Hill,
Leominster, HEF
United Kingdom




I have been recycling textiles and teaching rag rug making since 1987 and I love keeping alive this traditional craft across the UK. I exhibit rugs and wallworks, work to commission and have written Rag Rug Making (2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2014) and More Rag Rugs & Recycled Textile Projects (2011 Traplet). I used to teach Spatial Design at a London art college and now live in rural Herefordshire, embracing a low impact lifestyle.



I believe in treading lightly on the planet and source materials locally, including rare breed fleece. I believe in empowerment through creativity.

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