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Jill A Vendituoli

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Jill A Vendituoli in the studio.

Jill A Vendituoli in the studio.




My name is Jill A Vendituoli and I am a self-taught needlepoint tapestry artist living and working in Southern Maine. I have been designing two and three dimensional tapestries for 25 years and enjoy challenging myself with new approaches to this traditional craft. My focus these days is on the natural world and I also have an ongoing abstract series called “The Thread that Connects.” I enjoy the freedom of this flexible art form and see endless possibilities to represent the natural world using my needle, 530 colors of cotton and wool and an imagination enthralled with the beauty and magnificence of the world we inhabit.



Since I began stitching, I have endeavored to re-invent this traditional woman’s craft and have tried to stretch the boundaries whenever possible. I have also not allowed myself to believe that anything I can envision and sketch cannot be made into one of my tapestries. This attitude has enabled me to create in ways that are completely original to this form of needlework. And I hope to continue to be challenged for many years to come! My work has been shown throughout the U.S. and it is in private collections in both the U.S. and U.K. Enjoy!

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