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Jill Ffrench – Fantails and Feet

Jill Ffrench - Fantails and Feet
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Jill Ffrench - Kalorama, Victoria, Australia

Jill Ffrench – Kalorama, Victoria, Australia



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Jill Ffrench is a bird builder and textile artist from Melbourne, Australia.

Committed to using only natural or biodegradable materials she makes exotic birds from pure wool felt, wire and wax.  Interested in pattern development, she is attracted to the process of creating her own original patterns, and working with traditional embroidery stitches to highlight individual feather detail.  Each feather must be assembled and stitched into place at the correct angle to fully enclose the sharp wire that forms the skeleton.


Captivated by how fine the threads feel between her fingertips as she works, she connects with the needle in an affectionate way. She always works with quality embroidery floss and 100% wool fibres and is not interested in using any kind of glues or synthetic fibres of any kind.


“Attracted to sewing from an early age, I’ve never been particularly interested in working from other people’s patterns which is why my each one of my birds is an original project.   Inspired by my love of books, colour and beautiful textiles, I will continue to develop new pieces to reflect the natural beauty of good design both in the man-made world, and also in nature”.

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    I just love the fine work done by Jill Ffrench, each unique piece speaks for itself, Jill captures the true beauty of nature in each individual bird. I have my peahen in pride of place in my living room. Do yourself a favour and select your own special artwork to give a home to!

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