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JLPWeatherly Textile Art

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Jacqueline, or Jackie, Phillips-Weatherly

Jacqueline, or Jackie, Phillips-Weatherly



Jacqueline (Jackie) Phillips-Weatherly is a contemporary fiber artist from Raleigh, North Carolina, with a Bachelor of Art in studio art from Meredith College, also in Raleigh. Her work has been exhibited in and around Missouri, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland and California.



Nearly all of my life I have had an interest in some form of art, especially drawing, painting and photography. As a child, I spent many summers exploring my grandparent’s beautiful farm in southwest Michigan – enjoying the fresh water springs, meadows, ponds, trees, and any critters I could find that lived on the one hundred acres. I have always loved the beauty of nature and all it has to offer.

Throughout my adult life, I have traveled and lived in many places, but living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina heavily influenced my art; the ocean and coastal wildlife are truly the most amazing elements of nature I have ever seen.

My textile art is a form of self expression, heavily inspired by nature. My choice of color, composition, and medium all contribute to the bold and distinctive characteristics of my work. My artwork tends to reflect feelings of hope and optimism as I journey through life.


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    I love your work so much, the animals are so finely done and the abstract work is mesmerising!

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