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Joan Sowada

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Joan Sowada

Joan Sowada



Joan Sowada’s textile pieces illustrate her interest in nature and the communion of life forces: time, pulse, place and change. Sowada uses textile paint, crayons and markers to alter the cloth. Fabrics are fused together and raw edges are machine appliqued creating a quilt top and a balance of unfinished, imperfect areas with portions clearly in focus.

Joan has lived in Gillette, Wyoming for 36 years and enjoys gardening and singing as well as her six hours a day in the studio.



By showing the fleeting moments of life I also share ideas about impermanence, observation, and relationship. I would like the viewer to remember the essence of the image, the nature of the moment, the fullness of the activity and the players within. I hope to continue making artwork that is graceful and grounded.


on Joan Sowada.
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    Joan, your work is to die for…! Wonderful stuff! I love how you combine abstract with reality that draws the viewer in. For certain, I am drawn it… Love it!

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    Awesome attention to detail. Love the images.

  3. |

    Beautiful representation of the quality of WYOMING artists! Thanks…..

    • |

      Thanks Gayle. Are you also a Wyoming artist?

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    Fascinating! Do you give any lectures/workshops for quilt guilds?

    • |

      I give power point lecture and trunk show in the North East Wyoming area.

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