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Jude Hill - Centerport, New York, USA






Born, raised and sewing by hand in New York…

My pieces evolve through a process of thought catching and what-iffing. Each one is a sampler of a kind, containing new techniques and ideas, each a study for the next. Each one tells a story. I use them as metaphors for change and life’s journey. My style is based on layers, the nature of fabric, traditional techniques, unconventional cloth construction and the relationship of sewing to weaving. I call myself an alternative quilter. It seems like I might be able to communicate something through cloth making…  I hope so! I would love to be a teacher someday.

I experienced a transition where my hobby became my life. In order to explain this transformation to myself, I set up my blog to record my thought process as I create what I no longer call a “quilt”, but a Spirit Cloth. My approach is always very scattered and I hope that my journal will help me in my quest to understand the nature of my creative thought and the magic it seems to conjure.


The Magic Feather Project

The Magic Feather Project is a collective stitching project focused on creative sharing and giving. The magic feather has been my personal symbol for almost forever.  With the idea of making it a symbol of something bigger than just myself, I thought I would share it with you and you in turn might stitch one (at least) and send it to me so I might, in turn, sew a bunch together and put the larger cloth to some charitable use.

My target for any charity efforts connected with this project  is children. Their well being and education. I may give or donate some of the cloths directly or donate them for auction.

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    Jude, you are one of my favorite fiber artists. You learned me and people around you so much and created a like minded group of earth concious people. You give give and give beauty.
    For me personal you gave direction to my creativity when i had to give up my felting due to back dammage.

  2. |

    I love your work and am inspired to try working with cloth and stitches.

  3. |

    Hi Jude, I have just found your page and signed up to your Blog. Your work and words are very inspiring, thank you for sharing your journey. I look forward to reading your amazing blog. Kind Regards, Michelle

  4. |

    Just found your site – right up my street!!!! Love everything – exactly my taste. In the UK. Please add me to your email lists, facebook etc. xx

    • |

      Sue, you need to click on her links and sign up for what you want to follow. (We can’t add likes to our Facebook pages, for example…). Jude has a sign up for her blog posts on her site.

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    Such beauty. Such humble gorgeousness. I’m inspired, energized and calmed by your work, which encompasses vast reaches in its small scale. Thank you so very much. There is so much love here, love and devotion. I see that your sewing a your spiritual practice. Sending you love, Peg

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    I have just found you at a time in my life that I really needed too! You are a wonder. I gobble up your words , and soak in your fabric creations called spirit cloths. A perfect name for such beautiful creations. I can’t get enough. I wish you had a book out so I could look through and read over and over. I am not that great with a computer. I have caught a weird pneumonia after having breast cancer. The radiation barely skimmed my lung over 18 months ago and gave me an extremely rare form of pneumonia. Does not respond to antibiotics , only a terrible drug Prednizone. I am a appliqué quilt pattern designer. Do all by hand. But with being sick for so long, I am too weak to do what I love for very long periods of time. Watching your u tube lesson, seeing your work, we’ll all you are about, makes me feel good. Thank you for helping me feel better. I may try your method, seems like so much fun!! Susan Hill

    • |

      What an awful time you have been going through, Susan! It’s so heartening to know that Jude’s work can give you some joy and inspiration. Have you explored her blog? The link is at the top of the right sidebar. Wishing you a full recovery!

  7. |

    HOORAY, it’s looking lovely over here with all your beauties abounding!

  8. |

    Yay!!! So glad to see you here Jude! How on earth could anyone only choose a few pictures to represent you?! Every photo and video/audio clip is magic. Congrats.

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