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Judith M Daniels Studio

Judith M Daniels Studio
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Judith M Daniels - Rockland, Maine, USA

Judith M Daniels – Rockland, Maine, USA








I am a full-time felt maker and fine art photographer living and working in my home studio on the coast of Maine. I’ve been involved with making handmade felt and shibori dyeing for the past six years, though I have a life time of involvement with various forms of art and craft (painting, weaving, oriental rug restoration) all of which influence my current work. My textile business has been about making and selling wearable accessories until recently when I have gotten more involved with creating and exhibiting pieces for the wall that incorporate hand and free motion embroidery. I’m loving the freedom of expression and design that working in multiple layers of various techniques gives me.


When I first started making textiles again after a long break, it was because I felt the need to make art with my hands again, rather than working on a computer.  Now I’m finding that I enjoy using my iPad to design in the various stages of my work. Because both felting and embroidery are fairly slow, intensive processes I can use technology to try things out before making the commitment to wool or thread.


I am a member of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild, The Surface Design Association and the Maine Crafts Association.

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