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Judy Warner

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Judy Warner - Victor, New York, USA

Judy Warner – Victor, New York, USA


I am a fiber artist who loves working with fabrics. In the past decade much of my focus has been on quilting, particularly art quilts.  My work has been shown in exhibits around the world and resides in numerous private collections.


There are several themes that predominate in my art and that reflect the experiences of a lifetime. For example, I have had the opportunity to travel to many areas of the globe. A trip to Antarctica several years ago was the genesis for a series of art quilts on ice. I worked with author Thomas Crum for 25 years in the field of conflict resolution. We taught meditation techniques and movements from the art of aikido in our workshops. It is not a surprise then that some of my art quilts draw upon the aikido metaphor and energy work in general.  And, when asked to describe how I create my art, my answer is that I use a meditative approach.


To learn more about me and my art, please browse my website and follow my weekly blog posts.  I do have art quilts that are available for sale – if you see one in my website gallery that interests you, please contact me about availability.  You may also find some fiber items listed in my website store ….and I am always willing to discuss a commission to create a unique art work for you!


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    Amazing stuff… love that it is so historical… and beautifully done!

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    Thank you, everyone for your comments!

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    JUDY, Wow! The quilts are beautiful, stunning. It’s a side of you I didn’t know at all. I’ve just sent an email to you from the aikido side. We’re doing a free webinar in under two weeks (14 June, 1-2:30) to informe and prepare dojo for the Intl. Aiki Peace Week (20-26 September). Of course, I’m representing Peace Dojos Intl. and pairing with Bertram Wohak (Munich) to respond to questions from the moderator, Paul Linden, and from participants. Please tell Jim and Tom and give me a call at 212dash228hyphen0980 (I don’t have a contact number for you any more).

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    Simply stunning. Such detail and beautiful work. Love it.

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