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Julia R. Berkley Works in Fabric

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Julia R Berkley

Julia R Berkley






I’m a collage artist working primarily in fabric with other elements. I’m always grateful to all the artists who’ve designed the fabric I get the pleasure of using — their work inspires mine, as does the natural world.

I hope to continue selling to individuals and corporations, adding more galleries and art consultants that will show my work.



Contemporary collage is often a reflection of our multi-media environment with its inherent intensity and disharmonies. In my collage work using repurposed fiber and other materials, I strive to broaden the embrace of contemporary collage to include the quietly contemplative natural spaces that offer respite in an overloaded culture.

My art begins either as a broad idea of a theme or as a piece of fabric that triggers an image. The actual process is intuitive, evolutionary, and flexible until the sense of balance and form is complete. Surface design of the textiles inspires the vision, and texture defines the details. Yet ultimately it’s the forms and images from nature that bring an immediate rush of familiarity and pleasure to the viewer.

Through collage, I work to create art that brings the healing quality of the natural world into personal and professional spaces. I work toward that moment when people experience my art and it lifts them up.

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    Love your colour combinations.

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