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Julie Pishny Textiles

Julie Pishny Textiles
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Julie Pishny - Lenexa, Kansas, USA

Julie Pishny – Lenexa, Kansas, USA






The love of textiles and fiber began at my Grandmother’s side crocheting a rug from fabric strips torn from discarded clothing and drapes. The old adage make due and mend has stayed with me all of these years and each time I begin the next project I think of my Grandmother.

My love of textiles has evolved from crochet, embroidery, knitting, and sewing to dyeing and printing natural fibers with plants. Often, you will find a crocheted or knitted edge or stitching on the surface of my textiles. I often use wildflowers, vines, grasses, leaves, nuts, berries & roots to naturally dye and embellish my canvases, garments, accessories and yarn.

Growing up on a small farm in the Midwestern United States has a significant influence in my work in the studio. I gather native plants as I walk across pastures and prairies, bringing them back to the studio to use in my dye work. I am sure you will recognize familiar leaves from roses, hydrangea and peony.

Studying with other natural dye experts has provided a wide range of techniques that I have adapted in my studio to create a signature look to my work. Natural dye is a very personal medium and reflects the alchemist’s hands in color, pattern and intensity.


Affiliations: TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List, Missouri Fiber Artists MoFA, Fiber and Weaver’s Guild of Greater Kansas City

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    I love your art. A week ago i doing someting lije that, but just my inspiration, i would like to take some classes… Thank you to share your job..

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