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Kala Raksha Trust is dedicated to preservation of arts of ethnic communities of Kutch. The Trust maintains a Museum as a resource to develop contemporary designs with cultural integrity. This locally based Museum embodies the mutual benefits of involving communities in presenting their own cultures. Kala Raksha Trust founded Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya (KRV), the first design school for artisans, to genuinely sustain art traditions.

KRV is a coherent design education program expressly for artisans. It intends a new approach to design education. Working within existing traditions, KRV’s curriculum, schedule and instruction are appropriate to artisans of Kutch. Artisans acquire knowledge and skills to use design effectively and innovate successfully for new markets, while at the same time strengthening traditional identity. KRV’s effectiveness is in the relevance of the education provided. By approaching education through a vital subject, the institute enables direct access to higher education and ultimately raises the design and production capacity of the participants and the entire craft sector. Project Director Judy Frater was awarded the prestigious Sir Misha Black international award for the project in 2009, and the Crafts Council of India Kamla award in 2010.



KALA RAKSHA Preservation of Traditional Arts: Kala Raksha Preservation of Traditional Arts nurtures self-sufficiency of artisans through its income generation program. The not for profit company facilitates the transformation of traditional arts. Its women artisans design, price and market their own products. The Company encourages artisans’ creative capacity, and builds their confidence and self esteem. The results are excellent quality, distinctive hand made crafts with cultural integrity.

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